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The Most Flexible Url Shorting Platform

With Us, You can extract more value from the links you share online, social, sms, or email.

Easy To Use

Link Locker help you to protect link from unwanted people, bots, crawler and search engine.

Faster Serving Granteed

We have fastest server to handle millions of requests and 99.99 % Up-Time  Granteed.

Super Secure Service

We have very secure system to protect us from unwanted human and bots.

What is a link shortener?

A link shortener is a tool that transforms your long links into shorter ones. Our Link Locker tool can drastically shorten your long links and still reliably direct to the same web pages. To use our link shortener, the user only has to copy and paste their long link into our tool and we condense it into a more shareable link.

Just follow our simple step by step process to get started.

Create your Link Locker.

Slim down your long links with our URL shortener. Get more clicks and more exposure with branded and customized links that reflect you. Manage your shortened links from the Link Locker dashboard. Use short URLs for your social media, email campaigns, or wherever you need them. Our links are reliable, safe, and never expire.

See how our links work for you.

We track your clicks with the primary purpose of empowering you with the knowledge you need to make your shortened URLs work harder and faster for your brand.

We're here for you.

Our support team is ready to help you discover the magic of using customized shortened URLs at every step of the way. Use our contact form or email us at


Simplified for ease of use built for scale. Discover Link Locker core features.


Easily choose how each link will be redirect and edit destination.

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Easily add your tracking or retargetting to each link.

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Optimised OG:Meta Tags

Optimised the open graph meta tags fir each of your links. 

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Looks Great On Any Device

We have greatly optimised our website so it look just perfect on every platform.

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Powerful Integrations

We strong believers of automation. As the you have privileged to use advance automation tools that will shorten, share and monetise your content  without any effort. Just easily integrate link locker into your website or blogs.

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Full support (24/7 Services)

Fully documentated knowledgebase, 24/7 email support contact us with any questions or hesitation you may have! 

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What we do whatever we do, We do with your end user in mind